Our mission is to provide a fun event that raises money and awareness to help enable Peoria Promise to continue to provide higher education to Peoria's future.

About Us

Ron Stevenson
CEO - Chief Everything Officer. If we needed something done, Ron would come through on literally everything.

Working to Educate Peoria

Sarah Seckler
​Sarah keeps the wheels on this out of control bus we call a planning commitee.
Had the foresight to bring Illinois' first Zero K to Peoria. She took the risks, bankrolled things to make it happen, bought more than a few refreshments to keep it light and the plans moving. All with the goal of supporting Peoria Promise. Be sure to say "Hi" if you see her on the race course!
Ann Oliver
One of Peoria's finest. Ann could be counted on when time was running out and things had to beat the clock.

Our founder, Julie Hammond.