Peoria Promise

The 2018 Peoria Zero K  is excited to be joining forces with Junction City this year  at The Tavern on Prospect.    

Peoria Promise would love for every student to further reduce the cost of their college education by receiving an additional scholarship or two. The ICC Education Foundation Scholarship makes this process fairly easy by allowing you to complete one application that makes you eligible for hundreds of scholarships. 

Peoria Zero K

Friday, July 20, 2018

6 - 9 PM

In our third year, the band will play longer, the food will be better, the drinks will be colder, but the run is still 0K. Join us for the Peoria Zero K, a unique and family-friendly event held at Junction City. It's a 'non-race' with a short walk over the bridge, so everyone can participate. Bring your friends and family to enjoy music, food and fun! 

All funds raised will benefit Peoria Promise, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to foster economic development through the improved education of students living in the City of Peoria. 

The Peoria Zero K is "All of the Fun, None of the Run"!

Where: Tavern on Prospect, Junction City

When: 6:00 PM

Who: Open to the public

Donations will be accepted on site at the event

$5 - You'll receive the much coveted Zero K T-Shirt

$10 - Coveted T-Shirt AND Rare ZeroK Solo Cup Coozie

$15 - Coveted T-Shirt, Rare Coozie AND the priceless 0.0 bumper sticker